Digitalization of Measurement Book

Hierarchal view for all stake holders to monitor Digital MB

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The Standard Measurement Book is a very important accounts record and is to be maintained very carefully and accurately as it may have to be produced as an evidence. To maintain Measurement books is an important need to the Government sector as :

✔ There will be lack of efficiency in order to facilitate the preparation of estimate for periodical repairs

✔  Lack of accuracy and transperancy in preparing bills for such repairs done by contract or departmentally.

✔  Chance of Data Tampering

✔ Records not maintained neatly or directly in Standard Measurement Book at site of work.

To overcome all these problems DIGITAL MEASUREMENT BOOK is the solution

Key Features

Key Features:

➥ Transparency to the system from acceptance of contract MB closure

➥ Completely secured and password protected at different levels

➥ Error free Digital MB

➥ Workflow based approval process

➥ Uploading Measurements and snapshots with the time stamp

➥ Avoid back and forth manual approvals

➥  Any stake holder(Chief engg,Commander works engg,Garrison engg..) can view the digital MB from anywhere any time.


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